Ballbusting Stories: Sep 13, 2020

Some groups are more moderated than others, some are NSFW, and some are hate-filled. Payback’s a bitch, and so are you! Of course, the rules are much different here than many of the other chat sites. HUSTLER best live cam porn — Chat FREE with real Hustler Babes! Go ahead and have fun while exchanging a few chat online. This is so much fun! The jolt was much, much stronger than a regular bug zapper, and each mammoth orb convulsed so violently on contact that they appeared to be dancing in their sack. He had never had sexual contact with a woman. It looked more oblong now, and perhaps a little lumpy, and seemed to be sagging even lower than the right. The pair looked like some sort of twisted and macabre version of a children’s playground toy. The enormous ball rolled and shook in the bag so violently it looked like the convulsions alone was going to blow it apart. It was getting dark and I found the girls had gone back, and got my bag and coat and tossed them by my side. Finally, after three minutes, Ghost threw down the zapper and resumed to use Kyle’s dangling, swollen, and incredibly bruised ballsack as a punching bag.

5 Things You Should Know About Adult Webcam Chat Sites Kyle pleaded as Ghost hovered the zapper dangerously close to his dangling nut sack. Kyle could feel every moment of his valiant left nut being reduced to rubble, and he was amazed that it hadn’t completely shattered already. The Ghost held the fly swatter to the cameras so that his viewers — and Kyle — could see that it wasn’t just an ordinary fly swatter. There on the screen, Kyle could see both of his huge, heavy nuts stuffed into the glass mixing chamber, filling almost every square centimeter of that glass container to capacity. As he screamed, a horrified Kyle could see that the round, ovoid shape of his once-perfect left nut had been broken. Kyle was in such a world of unbelievable hurt, all he could do was drool, his mouth open in a silent ‘O’ as he watched his big nut being roasted alive on the screen in front of him. Kyle couldn’t believe that his amazing studly package was slowly being totally destroyed right before his eyes!

Kyle wailed, but couldn’t take his eyes off the screen. Kyle could have sworn he heard a flurry of activity somewhere in the distance behind the unseen door in the rear wall, and confusion was writ large across his handsome, exhausted, pain-wracked features. Their fall finally halted a full 8 inches from the base of his crotch, far longer than their previous dangle, and a tiny corner of Kyle’s pain-wracked mind wondered if that stretch would be permanent. The Ghost was hanging just a few inches off the ground, being held up only by the cords, cables, and narrow tube of skin that connected Kyle’s herculean balls to his gloriously muscular body. Kyle’s deafening roar of agony continued as his balls slowly dropped further and further, stretching toward oblivion. But Ghost clearly wasn’t going to stop until there was nothing left of Kyle’s gorgeous testicles but useless, lumpy mush. «Sure, if you still want to reach your target I won’t stop you…I actually did that a couple of times with my ex, but I wouldn’t recommend it.» I winced, touching my groin before continuing. He gazed upward at the tremendous length of Kyle’s ultimate horse cock, and was amazed that the huge tool was STILL hard as a rock, teen redhead tits and even now throbbing mightily like it was readying itself for another load.

The huge, sexy organ had cracked in its sack and was now being methodically pulverized. The left side of Kyle’s meat-bloated sack was starting to turn a blackish red, smoke rising from the zapper as the Ghost held the device firm. Ghost pressed the zapper to Kyle’s battered and bruised left nut and held it there. The young man’s mighty nut cords were all stretched to the breaking point, and threatened to snap at any moment. As undeniably powerful as the young man’s bull balls had proven to be, even they weren’t designed to endure such horrific abuse, and Kyle knew that they would tear loose from their fleshy tethers at any moment. Terror unlike anything Kyle had ever known made his blood run cold, and a fresh sheen of sweat was soon covering his magnificent body as he watched helplessly while the Ghost finished his preparations. Kyle’s body tensed in anticipation, but he couldn’t prepare himself for the sharpness and immediacy of the pain once the swatter finally touched skin.

But the Ghost, knowing just how ferociously strong his captive college jock really was, had made the manacles specially reinforced — even Kyle’s phenomenal strength couldn’t hope to break them. Kyle could feel something break on the left side of his sack after a particularly violent one-two punch targeting his greatly weakened left nut. Once Kyle realized what was happening, he became beyond hysterical, and he began thrashing with renewed vigor, utterly desperate to break free and save his treasured bollocks from their impending doom. The fists came so rapidly, it didn’t seem human, and Kyle could feel himself starting to pass out. They grabbed D’s arms and started to drag him out to where the females were, but D quickly said, «Ok! The ropes on Angus’ arms are untied from the barrel too, but the ends remain in the hands of the bartenders. Not all black women are mean and angry heaven knows when you are kind/polite/caring the response turns into disrespect.


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