I Took A Gun To School Today. (Part One) : Nosleep

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When I graduated high school, my mother came back. Unlike the other victims, possibly because he hadn’t drunk that much, Peter came round midway through the assault on him and fought for his life, furiously laying into Sinaga until he lay motionless on the floor. «My wife struggled to sleep in the night, so she’d often be tired during the day. Wife used by friends of her husband! Michael was on some heavy narcotics that caused him to slur his words, and at one point when I turned to him, he had fallen asleep. However, when no one said a word about Edward’s arrival, only catching the tail end of Eleesa’s glare at him, she couldn’t stop the words from her mouth. The gangster fired twice at Pete’s chest, though it didn’t stop him. Even with all that, we arrived to the Destination Blue Lagoon bus window by 7:30, which I had booked for us at 8:45 and 9am admission to the Lagoon. Until one night, he said things went too far.


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