Melbourne CBD-airport rail link unveiled

A rail journey between the CBD and Tullamarine airport 20km away has been long-desired by Victorians, who unlike residents in other states, have relied on a Skybus service from Southern Cross Station or taxis for public transport.

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‘These are family people, people for whom it’s their primary source of income, it’s work that is important in our modern economy and it’s being left open to this kind of exploitation to the point that people are dying,’ Mr Kaine told ABC radio on Tuesday.

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance on Tuesday said his department would hold talks with food delivery companies about what was causing the succession of fatal collisions, but advised riders and drivers to avoid using mobile phones and to wear Hi-Vis jackets.

‘Could she then, buy cbd oils in an attempt to put the bushfire out or, elixinol endoca cbd uk capsules as it were, stop the rumour mill suddenly say I was sexually abused by these guys?’ Mr Campbell asked the Wollongong District Court jury during closing submissions.

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‘While some instances taken alone are of very great significance and while some others taken alone are of much lesser import, (it) leads to the irresistible conclusion that the complainant’s evidence is unreliable,’ he said.

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Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo passengers will get to the airport by changing trains at Sunshine, while travellers from Gippsland in the state’s east will connect into the airport line by changing along the Cranbourne or Pakenham lines.

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The St George Illawarra forward, 29, and his friend, Callan Sinclair, 23, have pleaded not guilty to five counts of aggravated sexual assault, saying the early-morning encounter in a North Wollongong unit in December 2018 was consensual.


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The conduct of the lead detective should also be scrutinised by jurors, having put de Belin and Sinclair in a situation of ‘significant prejudice and disadvantage and therefore prejudice’, Mr Campbell said.


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