Your Online Activity Is Now Effectively A Social ‘credit Score’

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» Bam, bam, bam…and it’s very user friendly—it gets the job done. Something that gets you right to what you’re trying to look for. Charlotte, ever helpful, tries to offer her services but gets shut down. For some men, the overly focused nature of currently available HIV prevention messages («condom, condom, condom, use a condom», Table 4, quote 9) masked these dynamics and could even be off-putting. ‘okay, let’s find out the health information, what’s the latest HIV information? While many participants had used their phones or computers to search for health information on-line, some men expressed frustration at sifting through large numbers of webpages or amounts of text to find what they were looking for. As described above, and noted in the pre-focus group survey, the most commonly mentioned websites used to search for health information were Google and WebMD. Facilitator: It’s good to know from this group that that seems to be a real consensus that most people have it.

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Gasbuddy, that really comes in handy—like if you’re just somewhere and you need some gas it tells you where the cheap gas is—and I use that all the time—and I have a lot of games, googlemaps. I do know that usually like a GPS thing comes with the phone now, they already automatically come with them. Um, I do (pause) use my phone also to find a date. These included regular use of sexual networking apps and websites such as Adam for Adam (A4A), Black Gay Chat (BGC), Grindr, and Jack’d. Ebony—pornographic films involving at least one person of african descent usually a white woman with one or more black men. As one participant exclaimed, «I couldn’t DARE check my Facebook once a month! In the first, the amount of information is overwhelming to the patient, whereas in the second, the participant has physical and logistical difficulties viewing excessive text on his mobile device.


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